Jazz is a unique style of dance that combines ballet, contemporary, modern dance, and theatrical dancing. Jazz is unique dance style because the dancer can express their own unique individuality and style preference through jazz.

Jazz dancing goes way back to the time of jazz music and African American vernacular dance. Jazz was reinvented in the 1950’s when a new style of modern jazz was formed.Jazz originated from African Americans and later appeared in New Orleans in the early 1900’s. Major leaders in jazz innovation choreographer Bob Fosse, Gus Giordano, Jake Cole, Matt Mattox, and Jerome Robbins.

Jazz dancers wear leather shoes with elastics or laces. The most popular jazz shoe color is black, but tan is also available. Jazz incorporates turns, leaps, footwork, and hand motions to create a dance that is unlike any other.

Jazz dancers usually warm-up before dancing to stretch their muscles in order to prevent injuries or pulled muscles. Their warm-up consists of isolations, or moving one part of the body at a time, and keeping the rest of your body still. This allows the jazz dancer to concentrate on stretching and warming up one part of the body.

Jazz takes a tremendous amount of  flexibility, originality, creativity, and coordination. When buying jazz shoes it is important to remember to buy the right size. Jazz shoes should be bought one to two sizes smaller than your normal shoe size. Jazz shoes should be form-fitting to your feet, as the material of the shoe stretches over time.

There are many different types and styles of jazz. In jazz dance, there is no right or wrong, so dancers can create their own original steps. Common jazz steps include jazz walks, chasse, pirouettes, chaine, grand jete, releve, and plie.

Jazz dancers must have strong legs and a strong core in order to support themselves while dancing. A jazz dancer must also be graceful and precise, but also energetic and emotional at the same time. Jazz is all about movement and energy, whether it be a slow song or a fast and upbeat song.

Back then, jazz dancing was considered tap dancing or jitterbug. Now jazz is completely different and has been reinvented by many different people.

Jazz has been featured in many movies, tv shows, and even on Broadway. Jazz has evolved immensely since it was first created. Over the years, several people have contributed to the evolution of jazz. Since then, jazz has taken the world by storm, one jazz step at a time.



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