Any dancer will tell you that being on stage is like no other feeling in the world. Time seems to stop, yet you continue to dance. The music lends its melody for you to tell a story to the audience. A story that is truly breathtaking and inspiring in so many ways.

It feels as if you are the only person in existence: its just you, the stage, and the audience. Being on stage is like stepping into another dimension.

Dancing in the spotlight takes a lot of courage and perseverance. Even skilled dancers get nervous when they step on stage.

Hours and hours of practice have lead to this one moment in time. They are no re-dos or repeats. The curtain slowly opens and the dancer stands proudly in the spotlight.

The music begins and the dancer starts to tell their story through their movements.The audience closely watches the dancer and awaits the dancer’s next movement. The dancer connects with the music to create a story that the audience can easily understand.

The music stops and the dancer takes a bow. The audience is roaring with applause and some are even giving the dancer a standing ovation.

The dancer feels a sense of accomplishment and pride. They have pleased the audience and the dancer is also pleased with their performance.

The dancer wants the audience to enjoy the performance, but the dancer also wants to enjoy the performance. The dancer may feel that they didn’t perform to the best of their abilities, but the audience may have loved the performance.

Either way, the dancer strives to perform even better the next time they take the stage. They want to feel a sense of accomplishment when they step off the stage.

Their practice continues off stage. The audience sees only one performance, what they don’t see is the hours and hours of practice that go into one performance.

Their is the matter of choosing a song, choreographing, practicing, and practicing even more. Then you have to choose a costume to dance in. You want it to fit the theme of the music that you are dancing to, but you also want to be able to dance in the costume.

The audience does not see how much work goes into one performance, which is why an amazing performance is so important for a dancer.


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