• You walk into a room and the first thing you look at is the floor. Then you say, “Wow, this floor is perfect for tap dancing.”
  • You can never have enough pairs of dance socks and it really doesn’t matter what color or pattern is on them, you wear them until they are unrecognizable.
  • Most people hate the sound of nails on a chalkboard, but you love the sound because it reminds you of you tap dancing.
  • You can never have enough black shoe polish and you love it when your tap shoes are so shiny that they squeak.
  • You are a pro at tying shoes because you learned how to tie the laces on your tap shoes before you learned how to tie the laces on your tennis shoes.
  • Your home is the stage and it seems as if you were raised there.
  • You make music with your feet that comes from your heart.
  • When someone who has never tap danced before tries to show what tap dance is you cringe.
  • The best feeling in the world is stepping onto the stage and looking out at the sea of people.
  • When you go out in public in your tap shoes you feel a sense of accomplishment.
  • You love school, but you love tap dancing even more.
  • You spend more hours tap dancing then sleeping.
  • You would best describe tap dancing as playing an instrument and solving a math problem at the same exact time.
  • You love your old tap shoes and they will never be another pair that sounds or feels the same way.
  • Once you are a tap dancer you will always be a tap dancer.
  • Instead of concentrating in class, you are choreographing a tap dance to the song that is stuck in your head.
  • When people say “Everyday I’m shuffling,” you have a very different idea of what shuffling is.
  • The tapibilities are endless, you can dance anywhere at any time. In the car, down the halls, up and down the stairs, in a parking lot, even in your sleep.
  • You really don’t care what anyone else says: tap dancing will always be your favorite style of dance.
  • When you see a fellow tap dancer you don’t wave or say hi to them. Instead, you have a tap battle.

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