Dance is most often called the “universal language” because anyone from any region of the world can understand dance no matter what language they speak. Dance tells a story without words, which is why it is easily understood by all who watch the spectacular performance.

Many different cultures, traditions, and beliefs have helped formed numerous unique styles of dance that are unlike any other. Dance from around the world can be anything from Western Square Dancing to the Traditional Chinese Dragon Dance.

Dance styles from one region of the globe have spread to other countries and areas to create even more diverse styles of cultural dancing.

These styles of dance usually celebrate an event or tradition. For example, the Cambodian Celestial Dance retells vital events that happened during the country’s early years.

Other dance styles:

  • Cossack Dance: the official dance of Ukraine. This style of dance incorporates jumps, spins, and acrobatic tricks.
  • Tinikling Dance: This style of dance originates from the Philippines. Two people hold bamboo poles below the two dancers while they dance and jump in between the poles.
  • Shaolin Monk Dance: this style of dance incorporates the properties of martial arts and dates back to over 1,000 years.
  • Fandango: This style of dance originates from Portugal and involves dancers tapping and stomping their feet while changing movements.
  • Kabuki: a traditional dramatic style of Japanese dance that involves dancers wearing elaborate make-up to tell stories.
  • Irish Stepdance: originated from Ireland, this style of dance requires dancers to stiffen their upper-bodies while making quick and detailed foot movements.
  • Polka: a style of dance that originated from Central Europe.
  • Waltz: Two partners make slow and delicate movements while creating fluidity in the dance.
  • Belly Dancing: a Middle Eastern dance that is performed by women as a solo. This style of dance is often performed at celebrations and is typically taught to future generations.
  • Capoeira: a dance that originated from Brazil and is mostly martial arts that is visually stunning and brilliant.
  • Tahitian (Polynesian Dancing):  a dance that has roots from Hawaiian, Polynesia, and Tahiti. This style of dance incorporates rapid hip movements while performers wear a sarong and dance barefoot with traditional instruments.
  • Baile Folklorico: A traditional dance that originated in Mexico. Women wear big colorful dresses and perform dance that is similar to ballet. This dance is most often performed for celebrations or special events.

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