1. Tap dancing is a blend of multiple types of dance from different cultures with Irish and African roots. So, I guess you could say that tap dancing just happened.
  2. Before tap shoes were even created, African American slaves would use their calloused feet to tap dance.
  3. Tap dancing is literally a language. Tap dancers who performed to live music would perform “time steps” to communicate with the musician what speed and rhythm they wanted to dance to.
  4. Tap dancing can also be used to communicate with Morse code.
  5. In the olden days, the stage used to be at a slant and the audience would be flat. Hence why there is a downstage and upstage. So dancers would literally be performing at an angle. Nowadays the audience is “stacked” or “tiered”, and the stage is flat.
  6. Tap dancing is not the only style of percussive dance. Irish step dance and clogging are also other forms of percussive dance.
  7. Tap dancing was “revived” by Savion Glover, a famous tap dancer who tap danced for the movie “Happy Feet.”
  8. Many tap dance steps are named after things and places that helped shape tap: Buffalo, after Buffalo, New York; Shirley Temple, after the beloved tap dancer, Shirley Temple, Cincinnati after Cincinnati, Ohio; Irish after tap dancing’s Irish roots.
  9. National Tap Dance Day is May 25, which is the birthday of Bill “Bojangles” Robinson, the father of tap dancing.
  10. The first two styles of tap dancing were called “Soft-shoe” and “Buck-and-Wing”
  11. Before medal taps were created, dancers would hammer pennies or nails into the  soles of their shoes to make noise.
  12. The screws on tap shoes aren’t just for holding the metal taps in place. the screws can be tightened or loosened to create a deeper or lighter tone to the dance.
  13. “Soft-shoe dancing” is tap dancing without metal taps. Dancers would often used sand on the floor to create a slight noise when they danced.
  14. Any pair of shoes with hard soles can be made into tap shoes. Metal taps are sold separately at most dance stores. You can take your shoes and taps to a shoe repair shop and have the taps put onto your regular shoes.
  15. Tap dancers are actually musicians and tap shoes are actually instruments.

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