1. Tap shoes can sometimes get very slippery so furniture pads will always come in handy. Simply buy a furniture pad that is the same color as your shoe and stick it on your taps.
  2. For a quick and easy way to stop your shoes from sliding mix one half part cola and one half part water. Put the mixture in a spray bottle and spritz on the bottom of your tap shoes.
  3. You love your tap shoes but they always smell like feet. For an easy fix, place tea bags or fabric softener sheets in you tap shoes and let them sit out overnight.
  4. You keep every single pair of your tap shoes because you just can’t bare to part with them. For a cute and decorative touch to any room hang them on a hook or off of a shelf.
  5. When you grow out of your dance years, you want to remember everyone from your studio. A unique way to do this is have everyone autograph a pair of your tap shoes, that way you can remember each and every person.
  6. You love your new tap shoes but breaking them in is terrible. No problem simply stuff your shoes with a washcloth and blow dry them for twenty minutes. For the alternative option you can also use a clothes steamer.
  7. You love your old tap shoes, but the taps have seen their day. No problem, simply replace the old taps with new ones. Many dance stores sell the taps for around $10. This is a great and cost-effective way to extend the life of your tap shoes.
  8. To get scuff marks out of the leather on your tap shoes apply a small amount of petroleum jelly or colorless lip balm to smooth it out. This will not only get the scuff mark out, but it will also make your shoes shiny.
  9. If you wear socks with your tap shoes they always seem to slide down while you are dancing. For a diy version of no slip socks apply a thin and even layer of hot glue to the inside lining of the heel portion of the sock.
  10. Your tongue on your tap shoe always moves to the side when you dance. For a quick and easy fix, affix one side of the tap shoe’s tongue with a small amount of hot glue. This will prevent it from moving while you dance.
  11. To easily clean your tap shoes in a pinch simply wipe them clean with a baby wipe or damp paper towel.
  12. To prevent your tap shoe laces from becoming frayed and fuzzy apply a thin layer of clear nail polish. (Make sure you remove the laces from your tap shoes prior to doing this.)

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