Dance is a unique and challenging talent that takes years of rigorous training and technique. Some people use dance as a stress reliever for a break from the routine of everyday life. While others see dance as a way to connect with people and heal the mind, soul, and body. It’s important to recognize the fact that not every dance wants to have a career or profession in dance. For some people, dance is special in the idea that time on stage performing for others is unlike anything else the world has to offer.

I love dance wholeheartedly, but I could never see myself having a career that involves dance and the arts. I have heard so many people say time and time again that the life of a professional dance is extremely difficult. There’s long hours of hard work, low pay, and constant traveling which can separate people from their family. The people-pleaser side of me says that it’s just not worth it to be a professional dancer because it’s not a “ideal” job. But, I can understand why dancers chose to live their lives on stage, because I truly love performing for others.

I think that each dancer has their own individual dreams and their own unique story to tell to the audience. The stage acts as their foundation in which they build their career or hobby. The feet act as instruments that are finely tuned and synced to the beats and melody of the music. The audience members are the people who support the dancer, without them, the stage crumbles and the feet fail to play in tune to the music.

So, dance is a cutthroat career field, but sometimes people learn that the risk is worth the reward. A skilled dancer knows that the road to success in dance is nothing short of luck, timing, and true passion and artistry. Dancers want to stand out, but blend and mold their feet the music. A dancer’s journey to becoming a professional is just like the music they dance too. The low notes represent the moments when the dancer is on the edge of losing all hope. Then all of a sudden a high note, or small inch of success drives the dancer forward and encourages them to persevere. More than anything else, a dancer wants to follow their passion and pursue their goals, one small step at a time.


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