It was 13 years ago that I put on my first pair of tap shoes with black ribbons for ties, and it was about a year ago that I found my first pair of tap shoes hidden away in the back corner of my closet. Almost immediately I started feeling an overwhelming sense of joy, sadness, and amazement at just how small I was when I first started dancing. Each tap shoe fit perfectly in the palms of each if my hands like they were made specifically for me.

In that very moment, I relived 13 years of tap dancing in about 2 minutes as I stood there looking at my precious tap shoes like a child looks at a beautiful butterfly. From the time that I had started tap dancing 13 years ago, I had changed so much and I have learned to grow and blossom in life and thrive like a flower in a field of trees.

I never would have thought that dance could impact my life so much and I have never imagined in my wildest dreams that dance would make me who I am today. Sure as a kid, tap dancing was a fun hobby where I could hang out with my friends and learn how to tap same my heart out.

But, now as a teen, I realize that tap dancing is my passion, my safe haven, my angel in disguise, and my therapy. When I first started tap dancing I was shy, quiet, scared, nervous, and in my own little world. I barely talked to anybody and only spoke when I really needed to. It wasn’t long before I began to open up to people and I had so much more self esteem and confidence. I wasn’t afraid to tap dance before a big audience, and more importantly I wasn’t afraid to be myself and have fun at the same time.

The truth is, I don’t want to grow up too fast, I want to be like Peter Pan in Neverland so I can tap dance forever. In my dance group people usually leave after high school and go somewhere out of state for school or keep yourself so busy that you have not time for tap dancing.

But, when I turn eighteen and finish high school, I want to do anything I can to keep tap dancing. I can’t imagine my life without tap dancing and choreographing routines and teaching younger people my passion, and giving back to my community. I even told my parents that I would continue tap dancing throughout college because I love it too much to say goodbye to it.

Ever since I was little I planned my wedding day in my head in an imaginary diary. I would walk down the aisle in a stunning purple ball gown like Cinderella with her prince charming. On my feet I would wear a pair of shiny tap shoes instead of gleaming glass slippers.

It’s crazy to think that one small choice can change your life forever. That one small choice for me was tap dancing and it was the best decision I’ve ever made in my life.

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