Tap dance is truly an amazing art form to share with others, because it has the power to express movement and emotion in just one step or routine. But, learning how to tap dance can take months to a year, because tap dance can be very complex and intricate. A lot of tap dancers will train for years and years to improve their technique, skill level, and overall performance.

In my dance group, it has been an ongoing tradition for the older dancers to teach the younger dancers. My dance teacher calls this “paying it forward,” because we are teaching a younger generation a dying art form. Tap has its own unique style and flair, and many steps are composed of several smaller steps and put together to form a cohesive routine.

Whenever I teach tap dancing to the younger kids, it’s incredible to see how much they have improved with only a little bit more practice. The best thing about teaching tap dance is the amazing kids who love to laugh and have fun while also learning how to dance their heart out and share their joy with other people.

When you know how to tap dance, it is completely different than knowing how to teach tap dance to someone else. In my experience, everyone works at their own pace when learning how to tap dance so patience and repetition are key. My dance teacher always said, “If you can say the step, then you can do the step.”

As a tap dance teacher and student, I am constantly learning new steps, or improving my technique so that I can help teach other people. In the world of tap dance, there is always something new to learn or a new step just waiting to be created like a painting on a canvas.

Through my years of teaching others how to tap dance, I have learned that no matter how hard you try you should never give up. I have had so many times where I was struggling to learn a new step, so I practiced and practiced and eventually mastered the step.

Tap dancing is artistry, and teaching it to other people is like mixing together all the colors of the world. The end result is a beautiful masterpiece that is unlike any other thing in the world.

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