As a young child I was always dedicated to dance my heart out even if it meant giving up my time, energy, and maybe missing out on another activity. I always told myself that above all other hobbies dance would always be number one because it means the world to me. None of the other hobbies I had as a child captivated my interest except for tap dancing. There was just something so special about it that I knew I would become a tap dancer for life.

Then, in 5th grade I decided to start playing the trumpet because I have always wanted to be in a band and make music for other just like tap dancing. But, I was not a skilled trumpet player and I rarely practiced because it didn’t captivate my interest in the same way that tap dancing did when I was three years old. The truth was that I felt so unhappy because I never wanted to play the trumpet, and it had been my dream to play the saxophone.

I was born with a hand deformity called syndactyly, which means that I am missing a bone in my left hand that affects my ring finger. So, I have very little movement in my ring and it is shorter than my pinky. That was the main reason why I played trumpet, becasuse it only had three valves that were played with the right hand. I never saw trumpet as something fun and I was too afraid to play the saxophone for fear that I couldn’t do it or I wouldn’t be good at it. Everyone told me that it was impossible to play the saxophone or that I simply “couldn’t” do it.

After about two years in trumpet I quit because it just wasn’t right for me. I realized that you will get nowhere in life if you let people tell you what you “can” and “can’t do.” If I could go back to 5th grade I would tell my past-self to play the saxophone instead of the trumpet. My brother had played the saxophone and I wanted to play it too to follow in his footsteps, but I chose to listen to other people so I never played the saxophone.

After that, I devoted myself in every way to tap dancing because I knew that it was even more of a dream to me than playing saxophone. I even told my mom that I would chose dance over both band and Girl Scouts.

Now, I realize that life is too short to limit yourself to what you “can” and “can’t do.” So I choose to do what makes me happy and that is tap dancing. I don’t let my hand deformity limit me anymore and I’m even taking ASL despite the fact that many people told me it would be next to impossible or too difficult. But I was up for a challenge and I began playing ukulele even though I can’t hit some of the notes perfectly. So, never let anyone else dream for you simply because you are the only one with your head in the clouds.

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