Choreographing any dance is an art form that takes patience, dedication, musicality, and creativity. Before you even began choreographing a dance you need to choose a song that will highlight a dancer’s capability while also intriguing the audience. In tap dance, a song with a good beat it rhythm is viral for a cohesive and interesting performance.

Music is so important to tap dancing because the music must be in time with the dance. This is because the audience is not only watching you dance, but they can best you dancing as well which means there is an even greater chance of someone hearing a minor mistake.

The level of difficulty in the dance is also important because you may be choreographing a dance for dancers of all skill levels and experience levels. Technique plays a key role in perfecting the steps and improving technique. Tap dancing is a bold and energetic style if dance so choreography most often includes a blend of both tap and jazz.

Choreographing with another person is extremely helpful because you can bounce ideas back and forth and have someone count while you choreograph. Choreograph ing can take anywhere from 30 mins to a few hours, depending on the level of difficulty and length of the song.

Dancers will usually choreograph after years of experience in dance and teaching others dance. Choreography can include turns, poses, dance steps, etc. Formations are extremely important in dance because draw the audience member’s eyes directly to the dancers. Some common types of formations include: a V, a Modified V, Columns, Rows, and Diagonal lines.

Ripples are when dancers do a turn or dance step at a specific time usually based off of a traditional eight count. Costuming helps depict a message to the audience while also providing colorful and exciting elements to the dance. Choreographing is a great experience for many dancers because they have the opportunity to showcase their artwork, while also learning leadership skills that can help them become a better dancer. Dancers work as a team, so choreography can be done in a group setting or individually.

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