Babysitting takes a lot of commitment, experience, and organization just like tap dance. The most important traits a babysitter can have are responsibility and patience. Little kids can be a handful but they are so much fun. Whenever I babysit it’s the best thing in the world because for two hours out of the day I feel like a kid again and I sit have to worry about school or homework. In a way, babysitting is definitely a stress reliever because I only have one responsibility to make sure the kids stay safe and happy.

Any good babysitter knows that the number one rule to follow is also the Boy Scout motto: “Be prepared” You never really know what will happen when you babysit so always have a first aid kit in your babysitting bag. Being prepared for babysitting is like being prepared for dance. If you forgot one costume piece for a dance routine or one of the kid’s favorite toys the whole thing becomes a disaster.

NEVER EVER EVER let the kid out ofyour sight for even a second it can be disastrous.

ALWAYS ask the parents if they have food allergies or any other health concerns. Keep the poison control number and the parent’s number on speed dial at all times.

Make sure that you know if they have any pets and the rules regarding whether the pets are allowed inside it outside. One time when I was babysitting I lost track of the cat and I freaked out and almost started crying. But it was ok the cat was in the backyard the whole time.

Make sure you know the house rules and how the parents discipline their children. Time outs are ok and kids should be rewarded for being good.

Remember to have fun and be kind and get to babysitting on time all of the time. Punctuality and responsibility are key to developing trust when babysitting.

The best items to include in a baby sitting kit are:

  • I keep all of my babysitting stuff in a kid friendly pink backpack
  • Fun toys like plastic dinasours, action figures, legos, and toy cars.
  • Coloring books, colored paper, crayons, markers, etc.
  • First aid kit and emergency contact info
  • Stickers for rewarding kids
  • Fun games or puzzles that are age appropiate
  • Playdoh is great because it allows kids to be creative and artistic
  • Bracelet making crafts are also a fun hands on activity
  • Games like Twister and Connect Four are also fun

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