Every single Saturday morning is a new experience, waking up at 6 a.m., getting ready for dance and rushing to the car with my tap shoes and water bottle in hand. We start by stretching and warming up our muscles with some basic tap steps like shuffles, flaps, etc. Saturday class is challenging but fun and I joined it when I was nine years old.

It is an amazing experience because I got to create a stronger bond with my fellow dancers and friends. We do so many fun activities besides tap dancing like sleepovers, going to the movies, having a fun beach day, and going out for breakfast together. We also have an annual field trip where we spend a whole day together usually at the San Diego Zoo or the Great Wolf Lodge.

Saturday Class changes people because it helps them perfect there technique in tap dancing while also teaching them how to work as one cohesive team. The one thing about tap dancing is that you work as a team and if one person fails the whole team. The craziest part of Saturday class is definitely technique and choreographing dances. Technique can involve something that my dance group calls drop-off. Many of us dread this but it is a great endurance builder. Five people stand in a straight line and the first person goes up to the mirror and back and on the way back the other dancer joins in and they up to the mirror and back with a step and they pick up another dancer. This continues until everyone has gone up and back to the mirror then the first person stops or “drops off” from the line. The last to people have to do the step double time. Drop-off is usually done with railroads or irishes, or other traveling steps. At the end we are all sweaty and gross, but it challenges us to persevere and build endurance while we are dancing.

Another fun part of Saturday class is choreographing dances to great music. We usually choreograph with about two people so we have more ideas and it will take less time. It’s always interesting trying new steps to new music and adding your own unique steps and elements.

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