When you are a dancer for 14 years you meet so many amazing and talented people. My friends that I tap dance are my second family, we not only dance together, we have grown up together. The group that I dance with is not a studio but a service group so everyone has an even stronger bond because we all give back to our community through dancing.

The one thing that I love about my tap dance group is that we work as a team and we all look out for each other. Through dance I have made lifelong friends and unforgettable memories that will last a lifetime. I think that dancing is a universal language and it brings a diverse group of people together. Dance is a major part of my life and the people who I dance with are also a huge part of my life.

Through dance I have learned to work together on a team while also teaching other people a unique art form. My dance family is so supportive and loving in everything that I do. They encourage me to be my best and do my best in dance and other extracurricular activities.

My friends at dance are some of the most wonderful people I have ever met in my life. I can talk to them about absolutely anything and we can laugh until we cry. The Friday tap dancers are so adorable and it’s incredible to see them progress in dance as they grow up. Saturday class is always a blast and I look forward to it every single Saturday. My friends in Saturday class are amazing and crazy because we have so much fun together. When I’m at dance I feel like I am myself because I can express my creativity through choreography.

When I miss a week of dance I feel incomplete like something is missing in life. I’ve realized that dance is more than just dance its a place where I can be myself and enjoy time with people who I love. It’s a safe haven where I can talk about almost anything at anytime and I know that there will always be someone there to give me advice or support. My dance family is the absolute best thing about dance.

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