Tap dancing is a style of dance that can be accompanied by almost any music imaginable from country songs, a jazzy symphony, a classical tube, and of course an upbeat and lively song. Most tap dancers have a trained ear for music, meaning that they can differentiate different genres and styles of music as well as the different tempos, rhythms, and melodies. After all, tap dancers make their own music so it is very important that they have a deeper understanding of music and the several elements that are involved in one song. Because tap dancers perform to a wide variety of music, they often have a deeper appreciation for numerous styles of music. Tap dancers will typically dance to a blend of old and new music because tap dance was prevalent in the history of America and the culture of American society as a whole. But, everyone’s taste in music is completely different.

When people ask me about my taste in music I usually describe it as alternative rock like Imagine Dragons along with some pop and folk sprinkled in and some oldies like the Beatles. My absolute favorite band is Imagine Dragons because I love the rhythm and beat of their music and it always makes s me want to tap my toe and sing along. I love how their music is so different and original and there is nothing else like it. Also, most of their music has a hidden meaning that is about life experiences or their views on American culture.

I enjoy music that has meaningful lyrics, with an upbeat tempo, and catchy lyrics. which I think is very interesting and unique. I also love One Republic, American Authors, Ben Rector, Coldplay, Train, The Script, Bastille, Mumford & Sons, Twenty One Pilots, The Lumineers, The Score, Jason Mraz, Bruno Mars, Avicii, and the Beatles. I think that for a tap dancer music is like enjoying a day at the beach, it’s so peaceful, fun, and an escape from the daily activities of life. Music expresses our feeling, thoughts, moods, attitudes, and it can tell someone a lot about another person. Music is like a riddle or puzzle, the more and more you listen to it, the more you uncover a hidden meaning or a lyric that makes you think about your life.

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