Only a dancer would truly know how one single performance can touch a person’s life forever or move them to tears of joy. As a dancer, you always want a great reaction from the audience because it means your performance resonated with others and put a smile on their face.

I can say that I’ve learned so much about dance, but it’s more than just learning a beautiful art form. It’s about sharing your passion and joy of dancing with others. The most rewarding part of being a dancer is seeing the smiles on people’s faces after you performed an absolutely stunning routine. Dance embodies the mind, soul, and body in a unique form that can’t be compared to anything else in the world.

Many dancers enjoy performing because the stage is often their sanctuary or safe haven. Dance is often interpreted as a story, and the music is an escape from the chaos and stress of everyday life. When a dancer takes the stage all their worries in life melt away and for a few minutes the world stops.

The connection between the dancer and the audience is something that a dancer will never forget. Dance touches people’s lives and when someone dances they leave a piece of their heart on the stage. The most important part of being a dancer is conveying your emotion to the audience.

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